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Looking to advertise on a Canadian podcast with a highly-engaged listener base?
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Get more bang for your buck with podcast advertising! 

Podcasts are the current buzz of the media world, and present many new, highly-effective opportunities to promote your products and services.

There's a reason why many progressive big-name brands are jumping on the medium. 

10 Statistics on Podcasting

If you wanted to look into advertising on a podcast in Canada, consider Canadian True Crime. Let me try your product and then I'll write my own ad copy that incorporates my experience with your key messages. My professional background is in marketing communications so I have a lot of experience in this space. 

Brands I've worked with so far:
Tea Runners
Sudio Sweden 
Random House Canada

Firstly, does my audience match your target market, geographically?

Currently, my audience split is about 50% Canadian, 30% US and the rest are from Australia, UK, and other countries.

So advertising on my show would work best if your product is easily accessable (or can be shipped to) at least Canada and the US.

If you want to find out my reach, rates and other information, I'd love for you to contact me to discuss if we would be a good fit together.