Victoria Stafford Protest: How you can help

Ottawa, April 8, 2019

Victoria’s dad, Rodney stafford recently got in touch with me to see if I can help raise awareness for a new protest.

Last year, Victoria's family had TWO incidents: one of her killers (the woman) was released to an indigenous healing lodge halfway through her sentence (the government intervened and she was moved back).

And in December, the other murderer (the man) was moved from maximum security to medium security.

These events are highly traumatic for families - not just that they happened, but the way in which the families end up finding out ends up pouring salt into their wounds.

So they are taking action, spearheaded by Rodney and a group of family, friends and concerned citizens.
Ways to help:

1. PROTEST TRIP: April 8 in Ottawa
A group of people (including Rodney obviously) are going to Ottawa on April 8 to peacefully protest and create awareness about the justice system and needed improvements. All would be welcome to join!
Learn more about the protest

2. DONATIONS NEEDED - and share on social media
There's just been a gofundme set up to raise funds for this trip. I donated separately before this was set up, but I encourage you to donate and/or share this page through your social media. I'm going to promote this on my next episode and share through my own social media too.
Here’s the link to the Gofundme

3. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP and show your support

Thanks in advance!