Response to criticism on episode 44: The Brentwood Five

I've received a few messages from some listeners who are upset that the mental health aspect wasn't reported upon in a way they would have preferred.

I want to be clear: the episode is a tribute to the victims, on the five year anniversary of their deaths.

This episode is not about presenting an in-depth study into how NCR designates are handled. I always assumed (hoped!) that there would be check-ins and/or testing after absolute discharge, to ensure offenders are remembering to take their medication. Through writing about the experience the families had for this episode, I found out that there is not. This has since been confirmed by other sources.

This episode was a tribute for the victims. If you or anyone you know wants to have an NCR mental health discussion that discusses how the risk is managed once absolute discharge is given, I would welcome the information. I'm a storyteller; I unfortunately don’t have any resources for investigative reporting.

In the meantime, please understand that this is not a slight on the mental health community. If you are angry about my coverage, please take your concerns to the media, or to the various review boards who decide to give absolute discharge with no reassurances given to the community. Ask them to provide us, the public, with more information on what happens afterwards, and how community risk is managed.

Thank you :)

Kristi Lee
Host and Producer
Canadian True Crime podcast