12 The Murder of Tori Stafford - Part 1

Tori Stafford with her beloved brother, Daryn.

Tori Stafford with her beloved brother, Daryn.

Woodstock, Ontario

[Part 1 of 3] In 2009 in the city of Woodstock, Ontario, an 8 year old girl would go missing. Victoria Stafford. The shocking story that unfolded would decimate the façade of the sleepy, blue-collar city, exposing a network of cracks that had long lay just below the surface. The damage would be both widespread and irrecoverable. 

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Writer, researcher and narrator: Kristi Lee
Additional writing and research: Dallas Attenborough
Audio production and original scoring: Erik Krosby

Music credits:

  1. Erik Krosby - composer and producer of original music and fx used in the first half of the story

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